Twitter Trends for Over 160 New Locations

By: Lien Brusselmans

April 12, 2013

Twitter Trends have been around for quite some time and you could already filter them to see country-specific Trends. In some countries, like the US, you can drill down even further and search for Trends in specific cities. Gradually Twitter is adding new countries and cities to the locations you can filter Trends on. Yesterday they introduced Twitter Trends for 160+ new countries including Belgium (our home base, finally!), Greece, Portugal and Norway.

Twitter Trends?

Twitter Trends show you those topics that are rising stars on Twitter. They are determined by an algoritm that is based on who you follow and your location. Twitter Trends help you to easily discover those discussions that matter most to you!

Activate the location-specific Trends

Want to find out which countries are part of the list you can filter on or simply activate those Trends for your own country? On the Twitter homepage you see Trends on the left. Click ‘change’ and find your country in the list. If you can drill down even further, you will immediately get an overview of all cities you can filter on.

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