Twitter’s Latest Timeline Improvement and What This Means For Your Brand

By: Sofie De Beule

October 27, 2014

Twitter now shows tweets from people you don’t follow. The social network allegedly made this tweak to ensure users “aren’t missing out on tweets they might enjoy”. What does this imply for brands? How could your brand move forward from here?

In a continuous effort to tweak and optimize its feed, Twitter wants to show a variety of content (topics, recommended tweets, accounts) to make your timeline more relevant and interesting. Based on popularity, the level of engagement, and how many people from the accounts you follow show interest, Twitter now shows you tweets from people you don’t follow.

You might have noticed this latest update back in August when Twitter was experimenting with this feature by showing you tweets that were favorited by people you follow. Getting access to relevant and/or entertaining content has been made a little less time-consuming.

But what does this actually imply for brands?

1. Reaching Customers You Couldn’t Reach Before

Showing tweets from people you don’t follow might make the platform more attractive for a more mainstream audience on Twitter that has an account but not actively engaging (yet). This update could make Twitter less intimidating and overwhelming, and relevant content will be more accessible to those who are less Twitter savvy.

Brands might be able to reach customers on Twitter they couldn’t before. As these customers gradually grow more on Twitter, it’s important to keep the conversation going and make sure their voice is heard.

2. Balancing Twitter vs. Facebook

This new, standard feature might remind some power users too much of Facebook’s algorithm for curating news. In a way, it now competes more with Facebook since they both have been working on refining their algorithms in similar ways. Those that have turned to Twitter to gain more control of their timeline might be a little more resistant to this new tweak because they’re used to curating their newsfeed themselves.

It’s important for brands to measure out both platforms and stay updated on the latest tweaks to the social platforms. Keep in mind that with changing platforms comes changing user experience. Some might be really into these changes while others aren’t and build up some level of resistance. Stay in touch, and make sure you understand and adjust to your audience’s shifting habits.

3. Key Focus on Real-Time Engagement

With tailoring Twitter’s timeline comes a bigger focus on increasing engagement through timely content. It’s crucial for brands to tap into these moments of engagement. With this new update, people don’t necessarily have to follow you in order to boost interaction.

In brief, this new tweak demonstrates yet again the importance of relevance and the value of your networking for consuming and curating information.