Uncovering the Future of CX

By: The Clarabridge Team

August 25, 2017

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Whether you’re a CX professional looking to get your company excited about deploying a customer experience program or have a mature program that you want to take to the next level- here are five reasons you need to attend C3 London:

  1. You need to meet other CX Professionals- Although most CX professionals work with almost everyone in their organization, it can end up being a pretty lonely position. Most customer experience advocates often find themselves defending their role, asking for a seat at the table. This can be exhausting, so spending time with your tribe, networking and trading expertise can be a breath of fresh air.
  2. Your company might have a Social Media Crisis– I think we can all agree that we’ve seen this happen enough times to know that no company is safe from the wrath of social media. Without an appropriate crisis plan in place, a company can risk serious damage to the brand reputation, not to mention the reputation of key employees there as well.
  3. Customer Service is starting to look different- Customer service no longer looks like long hold times or ridiculous lines at a designated area in a store. Now, consumers are dictating where, when and how they get the help they want, and they’re choosing one of the most public forums to do it- social media. When they aren’t happy, they let everyone in their networks know via social media, and that’s a conversation you definitely want to be a part of. Most companies have a hard time building hybrid teams comprised of customer service agents and social media savants- but the framework isn’t as hard as it seems. The only way to see how the experts do it is to come to C3 Europe.
  4. The types of analytics accessible to you are evolving- Solid analytics are the backbone of any CX Professionals career. However, the types of analytics and the way we use them to decipher customer sentiment is constantly evolving. By being able to appropriately apply actionable insights to different corners in your organization, you’ll be sure to secure a spot as a CX Champion with everyone.
  5. We’ll miss you if you don’t come- Okay, so this one is kind of silly, but also very true. The more CX evangelists that attend C3, the more powerful the experience is for everyone. We have CX leaders from all over the world coming to share their expertise and industry secrets.