Understanding Customer Behavior on Social Media: Key Questions to Answer For Your Brand

By: Sofie De Beule

July 10, 2015

Before even thinking about providing customer service on social media, there are some key elements about your audience’s behavior that you should know about as a company.

You need to be able to answer questions like:

WHEN do your customers (most) actively reach out to you on social media?

WHERE (on which social media channels) do your customers reach out to you?

WHO is your audience on social media?

Luckily, capturing this data and information is straightforward. Once you have all your answers, leverage that information to boost your social media presence.

It’s imperative to collect and analyze the right customer data to increase the effectiveness of your social customer service efforts and make rule-based decisions.

When are my customers active?

First of all, you need to understand when your community is active. How will you be able to tell your brand’s story if there’s no one there to watch it? It’s your audience who determines at what time they want to engage with your brand. Brands should be able to service their customers at the right moment. They needs insights into when their community is active because this is the moment they need to be ready to handle any queries.

Social media efforts are meaningless if you aren’t engaging with your community at the right moment.

Once you start monitoring how people are talking about your brand, analyze when your community is most active. Make the balance between your own posting activity and when your community is most actively interacting with you, based on the activity per hour of the day and per day of the week. Make sure you’re able to connect the dots.


  1. What your business hours should be. (e.g. from 8am to 7pm/ from 6:30am to 10pm).
  2. If you need to be actively replying over the weekend.

Let’s take the example of travel brands. What’s the point in launching a new travel promotion at 8 am when no is actively looking for it at that moment?

On which social media channels are customers reaching out?

On social media, context and the channel your customer decides to reach out to you is everything. A ‘multichannel’ customer wants to be able to receive the same help no matter which channel they use without having to go through a lot of effort. Nowadays, customers demand consistency in the customer experience.

Don’t be afraid to not be present on a channel: can you really afford taking the risk of being present on a channel but not being responsive enough to support needs?

Do you really know how your customers are reaching out to your brand? Which social media channels are key to be present on?

Understand which platforms your audience is using to keep track of your brand across all channels in a unified, simplified way from just one place.

Who exactly is reaching out?

Furthermore, regardless of the channel your customers are using, brands need to be able to quickly identify customers and acknowledge their issues by scanning through their profile and collecting information about previous interactions. Especially larger brands should create well-rounded profiles of their customers to make better sense of future interactions and rapidly solve problems as they deal with thousands of interactions over a short period of time.

From the moment you understand how your customers are behaving on social media it’s the moment of truth. You only get one to shot to make a good impression: it’s really a make or break situation. Make the best use of the valuable pool of information and interpret this mass of data correctly.