Unified Social Inbox w/ scheduling, cross posting and canned responses

By: Jurriaan Persyn

January 5, 2012

The Engagor Inbox just got more powerful. All mentions we track on the social web for your search topics (own products, competitors or industry related searches) and activity on several social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, a.o.) are available in a unified social inbox. From within this inbox you can easily reply and engage with your audience.

Retweeting, posting an update, replying to tweets, commenting or liking a Facebook post, it’s all available from the single social inbox Engagor offers. But next to cross-posting, we’ve also just added a bunch of cool new things;

Use Canned Responses

Are you using Engagor for webcare, or do you often find yourself replying with similar messages? Then you can improve your social workflow by using canned responses. These templates for replies or posts save you valuable time. Just tell the publisher to “Save the message to re-use later”, and the next time you’re replying you can select the template and your reply will be pre-filled.

Scheduling your posts

If you’re wondering what the best time to post a new Tweet or Facebook message is, you could try your Fingerspitzengefühl, or believe an article you read somewhere. But the good thing about Engagor is you can actually find out when people are talking about your own industry, products or competitors. You can then use this information to decide when it’s best to post new messages on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Via the Engagor Publisher you can even schedule these messages when you’ve got the time, and we’ll post them to your social profiles when the time is right.

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