Unlocking the Keynote: Highlights from C3 Europe

By: Sofie De Beule

October 28, 2015

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the talk of the town today, as 300 CEM professionals descend to London’s Fairmont Savoy Hotel for the Clarabridge Customer Connections (C3) Conference.

The one-day event is full of customer presentations, product unveilings, and CEM tips and best practices. The day kicked off with presentations from Sid Banerjee, CEO and Co-Founder of Clarabridge, Folke Lemaitre, VP of Social Innovation at Clarabridge, and Fabrice Martin, Clarabridge’s VP of Product Management. Here are the highlights:

Surveys Are Not Enough

Effective CEM programs optimize interactions from the customer’s perspective and, as a result, foster greater customer loyalty. For businesses, this means tracking, overseeing, and organizing every interaction a customer has with your brand throughout their lifecycle.

In order to understand your customers, listening to all of their feedback is paramount. Many businesses launch a survey program and think that is enough to understand the customer experience. This is a common misconception and barrier to good CEM. Surveys, at best, sample your customer base and generally tend to only have a maximum of a 20% response rate. Instead, you should strive to have a CEM program that is both omni-channel and omni-source:

  • Omni-Channel: Focuses on singular channels of customer feedback. This includes channels such as social media, online reviews, emails, chats, surveys, and voice transcriptions.
  • Omni-Source: Brings channels of information together from across all touchpoints of the customer journey. Examples are emails, SMS, website, kiosks, and surveys.

Whole Brain CX: The Need for Empathy

When you understand someone’s feelings, needs, and desires you have empathy. Brands need empathy in order to make smarter decisions that impact the customer. But the challenge of doing this right is to look at facts about your customers at the same time as you understand the feelings of your customers. This is the “whole brain” approach—being able to truly understand and rationalize emotions in the context of how they impact a customer’s affinity for your brand and their likelihood to buy again or to recommend you to a friend.

This whole brain approach holds a lot of sway in the boardroom and across the business. It actually provides teams with new capabilities:

  • Modify your process to reflect best case customer outcomes
  • Spread accurate and real-time information throughout your business, for example, by making customer feedback easily available to all employees
  • Act fast on critical decisions, based on hard facts and customer feedback data

When your brand is able to operationalize customer feedback across the business, you can align everyone behind the goal of delivering a great customer experience.

Empower your Organization to Act

CX Studio was launched earlier this year, and Folke and Fabrice had the opportunity to bring it to life in front of our European community. They also shared the unique features of the Engagor platform that help you understand, analyze, and engage on social channels.


CX Studio gives you an entirely new way to share your CX insights in real-time with everyone in your business. You can act on customer feedback quickly, easily, and intelligently, empowering the people in the organization to make the changes that matter most to customers.

Engagor operationalizes customer analytics and helps business leaders present a more attuned organization—one that not only listens, but also adjusts to customer desires. With Engagor, businesses can track all conversations relating to their brand, filter out the noise, streamline engagement, and respond to what matters most to customers.

The Sentiments team asked our C3 attendees to share their thoughts on CX Studio and the Engagor platforms after seeing Folke and Fabrice’s presentation on how brands can use the products to analyze and share customer insights:

  • “We do use CX Studio now in our UK operations. We are very excited by the speed and clarity of the information we are getting. We are now feeding back into our marketing and engineering functions so that we can develop and work on what the consumer wants rather than what we perceive they want,” David Tilley, Whirlpool
  • “I’m inspired by the value of putting all our sources of feedback together,” Kerry Smith, Home Retail Group
  • “Looks fantastic, it will be a very useful platform to have,” Saulius Lukosius, Hays

Sid, Folke, and Fabrice launched the day by sharing their CEM expertise and thought leadership. Stay tuned for our follow-up blog posts to hear what our customers and CX practitioners had to share based on their own experiences in building successful CEM programs.