Updates: Engagor gets better, every day.

By: Dimitri Callens

June 4, 2012

We are continuously working on making our web application better. As we listen closely to our users, we focus on adding those features they want and need. And, we have lots of cool ideas ourselves too! 😉

Some of these updated features are small, some of them deserve a bit of buzz. But all of them are of equal importance to us to make our monitoring web app easy to use, complete and elegantly designed.


Select multiple mentions

The Engagor inbox is best described as, well, an inbox. When you are used to working with email – and you are – the look and feel of our inbox is very recognizable.

Lots of people use the efficient ‘inbox zero’ principle. This means that emails replied or otherwise handled are archived so that they don’t clutter up your inbox. The Engagor inbox can be treated the same: you can mark all social mentions you have handled ‘as done’. As they are archived, they do not show up anymore in your inbox but are still taken into account for the analytics in the Insights part of Engagor. (If you need otherwise, you can simply delete mentions as well.)

As in your email client, you can select multiple mentions at once by pressing and holding the [Ctrl] key on PC or [Cmd] key on Mac. You then click the Tools button on top and click the action you need to be done: mark as done, assign to, add tag, delete, reply …


Export possibilities

All of our ready-made graphs and most tables show this button. By just clicking it, you get a whole list of export possibilities. You can export as an image (PNG, JPG), a PDF document or as hard data (Excel, CSV). This comes in handy when you need to make your own graphs: in your own style or with extra data as desired.

At your service!