We proudly present: Engagor 3.0!

By: Lien Brusselmans

April 18, 2012

The past couple of months we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes of Engagor and we’re tremendously happy to launch Engagor 3.0 today! We’ve made a bunch of changes as well as adding several new features to satisfy our users’ needs. Let’s zoom in on four of them. 🙂

  • Engagor looks better! We’ve evolved to an application-like tool that’s easier on the eye and easier to use. Filtering your Inbox to see exactly those mentions that you’re interested in, has never been this simple. In the lefthand column you can now choose the topics you wish to see and apply several main filters: profile, sentiment, source, type and tag. Want to drill down even further? Use the new ‘visual search’!
  • The visual search. Although setting up simple queries with Engagor was already straightforward, making it more complex always involved a struggle with OR’s, AND’s and parentheses. That’s why Engagor developed the visual search in which you can easily add filter conditions and change them to fit your needs. This interface is now used for the keyword setup as well as the search field throughout the tool.
  • Separate LinkedIn statistics? Check. Separate Instagram statistics? Check. If you link LinkedIn groups or Instagram users to a topic, you will now have access to individual Insights pages for each of these platforms.
  • Workflow engine. The visual search is already very powerful on its own but it gets even better. In what we call our ‘workflow engine’ you can link certain filters to certain actions. As you can imagine, this is a feature with much potential. For example, you can enable an email notification every time the number of mentions reaches a predetermined level. Another possibility is to automatically assign mentions to certain users. You can, for example, use this possibility to identify new sales leads by assigning mentions about your competitors directly to the sales team. Make sure the right mentions are handled by the right people!

For a complete overview of all the Engagor features, you can visit our features page. If you’ve become curious, sign up for a free trial account to check it out yourself!