We’re Releasing New Insights In Preview: Here’s a Quick Overview

By: Sofie De Beule

May 8, 2014

We are excited to announce that we have released a preview of our new Insights! This new feature will provide our users with dynamic, relevant data and metrics, but more importantly, help them excel at customer engagement.

Here’s a quick overview of the new Insights:

1. Responsive & Clear Overview

Users get a clear overview of all the relevant metrics, completely focused on the sections you need, to excel at customer engagement. Accessing the right data is effortless in the new overview with all of the data and metrics now divided into four categories: ‘Overview, People, Posts & Engagement, and Profile Metrics’. These will help our users grasp the right analytics and numbers easily.

2. Intuitive & Effortless Design

Navigate through all the different subjects and sections in a user-friendly, yet striking layout. Descriptive boxes provide relevant background information at the point of need. Hovering over every chart and graph immediately cues a pop-up giving you direct access to your engagement rate.

3. Relevant, Up-To-Date Metrics & Data

Standardized new metrics, used by the industry, will help amplify your social media efforts even more with the right insights and data to fall back on. But more importantly, they will make the right KPI’s instantly visible. The new metrics, Post Engagement Rate and Fan Engagement Rate, offer actionable insights to benchmark your social media efforts and compare your social media efforts to your industry competitors.

– Post Engagement Rate (PER) shows the evolution of how engaged your audience is with the content posted on your social channels.

For example, if your engagement on Facebook is 100, and the number of posts on your Facebook profile is 200, your Post Engagement Rate is 50%. ((100/200) x 100)

– Fan Engagement Rate (FER) gives an indication of how engaged your fans are compared to the amount of engagement with the number of fans your page has.

For example, if you have 100 fans, and the amount of engagement is 150, your Fan Engagement Rate is 150%. ((150/100) x 100)

4. New Features: Age/Gender Split – Posts & Engagement by Time of Day

Manage your messages more effectively by sending content to the right audiences, at the right time, and across all your social channels. To do so, we now have an ‘Age/Gender Split’ available for every social profile (not just for Facebook), which will give you a more detailed description of the age and gender of your social audience.

To make sure our customers engage at the right time of the day and tell their company’s story more effectively, we have now added ‘Posts & Engagement by Time of Day’. This not only gives a clear indication of when your community is most active but also shows when you typically share content during the day. This will help organize a company’s content more strategically.

Do you have more questions about the new insights? Check our support articles or contact our lovely support ninjas.