What Great Social Customer Service Agents Do Differently

By: The Clarabridge Team

July 31, 2017

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With all of the channels available for customers to seek help, social media is one of the most public. Noting this, many brands just like yours have kicked off social customer service programs designed to align the brand experience on every channel.

The key to doing this successfully, however, lies in your team and the quality of their service on social media. These interactions will be viewed by a majority of your prospects and will likely contribute to any decisions they make about your company.

That said, putting the right people in place is easy if you know what qualities to look for in a social customer service agent. Outlined below are just a few qualities you should look for in every social customer service agent you hire.

They’re Agile

Social media moves fast. While there’s a lot of noise out there, your agent needs to be able to sift through the crowds to prioritize customer bids for engagement vs. support vs. need. If an agent has a specialty area, and a customer has an inquiry that may bleed outside of their area of expertise, they should be able to either quickly find the information they need, gather that information from the right person, or connect them directly with the right agent that can assist them.

They’re Human

Empathy and genuine exchanges are arguably the most important influencers to how customers will engage and react to you. Social customer service agents need to be able to assess a customer’s tone via social in an attempt to react in an appropriate way. For example, they need to be able to discern between sarcasm and seriousness. If unable to do this, they could really miss out on an opportunity for a positive interaction. On the other hand, if they misread a serious comment or inquiry as a sarcastic statement, then they will guarantee a negative experience for the customer.

One more note: If social customer service doesn’t fall within your marketing department, it’s crucial that social customer service agents have an understanding of your brand’s voice and tone guide so that their interactions do not cause friction in the customer experience.

They’re Customer-Centric

Customer service agents who put customers first are far and few between. While this quality should be a given, it can be incredibly hard to find. Putting customers first means having an innate understanding of what customers need and what they expect out of a brand and acting from that vantage point, even though it may not always be the easiest approach. While it helps when you hire an agent that is a natural when it comes to customer service, often, consistent customer centricity starts with a company culture that promotes a customer-first mindset.

These are just a few qualities that great social customer service agents have. How are your customer service agents impacting how customers engage with you? Take a quick assessment with our Clarabridge Engage Grader and see how your social customer service stacks up to the competition.