Why Buyer Personas Are the Ultimate Key to Successful Content Marketing

By: Sofie De Beule

February 11, 2014

Do you feel like you could put forth more effort in your content marketing strategy? First and foremost, you need to understand your customers and know them in detail. Where are they located? On which social networks do they dedicate the most time? Which people do they turn to for advice on their next purchase?

If you customize your content to different target groups, it can help to convert them to actual buyers. You can’t just create content for your website, social channels, or email campaigns and expect everyone to find it useful. You simply can’t be everything to everyone.

It’s all about what your audience values and where they are in the decision-making process. Consequently, you give them exactly what they’re looking for to meet their needs through content marketing. So the question is, has your company tried creating buyer personas? And is your company up for their own marketing ‘Guess Who?’ game?

Why are buyer personas so valuable?

Based on actual data about customer demographics and behavior, brands make representations of who their buyers are, what drives their behavior, and how they think, buy, and why they make those decisions. Buyer personas are specifically made to “bridge the gap between customer experience and expectations and the assumptions brands make about their target audiences”.

Creating these buyer personas makes it easier to look at target customers as individuals. A type of buyer persona doesn’t actually exist in the real world. However, their daily routines, values, preferences, issues, and challenges definitely do. If you address them, you can easily direct your customers through the sales cycle to smoothly make their final purchase decision.

Why should people identify buyer personas for content marketing? 

Overall, buyer personas are means to improve ROI on marketing activities. They increase the cost-effectiveness of your marketing strategies and give better insights into how your target customers are going to act.

In order for your company to create a strong marketing message, you need to have a lot information and context details about your target customers. With buyer personas, you’re much more aware of how a target audience is going respond to a specific type of content. It helps you tailor your marketing message to avoid message dilution because otherwise your readers will only get more confused!