Why Customer Experience Management Is Vital For Your Organization

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By: Shorit Ghosh

October 10, 2020

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Organizations are experiencing a dramatic growth in ways customers interact with them. With advanced technologies such as text and speech analytics, organizations can now retrieve an incredible amount of data from customer experience. However, improving customer experience is not just about data collection, it’s about being able to draw actionable insights from this data. That’s where Customer Experience Management comes in.

Here are two reasons Customer Experience Management is critical in today’s world:

Customer Experience Management provides vital insight for improvement and action

Ignore customer experience data not only at your own peril, but at the risk of losing a chance to strategize, to problem solve, and to innovate. If a customer is taking the time to interact with you– whether it’s a complaint or a compliment – they expect you to take action. And while prompt and reliable customer service is a baseline requirement for every good business, customer feedback is also raw data you can turn into actionable insights. At an aggregate level, analyzing customer feedback will improve processes, services and products across your organization.  On an individual basis, customer feedback will help you identify disgruntled customers and allow you to reach out to them before they churn.

Customer Experience Management will help you reduce effort, improve sentiment and impact the bottom line

By paying close attention across all available channels – whether that’s a customer service call, a social media comment, or a click to chat interaction, you can stitch together a unified view that is integral to your decision making. Measuring sentiment can convert disgruntled customers into brand loyalists. Tracking repeated requests can become the basis for your next expansion.  Analyzing cohesive feedback can reduce the effort your customers spend transacting with you. Opportunities to scale your services, optimize your resources, to transform your organization lie with your customer. All you have to do is listen.  

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About the Author:
Shorit Ghosh is the Vice President of North America Services at Clarabridge. Shorit manages a team of consulting managers, business consultants and technical architects to help his customers improve their own customer experience, increase revenue, and reduce cost and churn.