Why Not All Brands Should Follow KLM’s Customer Service Response Time

By: Sofie De Beule

December 2, 2013

customer service

Nowadays, whenever customers have issues or questions, they instantly reach out to brands on their social profiles. The uprise of social CRM demands KLM, the Dutch airline company, to be socially active 24/7.

Last week, KLM introduced a new feature on their Twitter account: a real-time update on the wait time for a response to your tweet. Every five minutes they upload a new Twitter header photo. Is this really the new way of working for all companies in Social CRM?

It’s important for businesses to meet their customers’ expectations. KLM does a very good job at this. However, not every company should follow in KLM’s footsteps. What they’re doing is great for their customers and industry, but they have the means to bring this all about, which many companies don’t.

Even more important, KLM as an airline company has to meet very strict deadlines, regularly updating their customer response time is great added value.

Of course, the true goal of social CRM undoubtedly remains to establish close social interactions with your customer. As such, quality always wins over quantity. Social CRM involves a long-term strategy.

Nevertheless, you should always provide your customers with up-to-date information through your website and social channels. But updating your Twitter cover photo every 5 minutes, is in many cases not a necessary requirement. KLM sets a great example but there’s no need to start panicking about your own social media engagement. Establish qualitative relationships and give swift replies and your customers will already be very satisfied.