Why Now is a Good Time to Add Live Chat Support to Your Customer Service

By: Sofie De Beule

November 28, 2013

Creating a memorable and engaging customer experience, doesn’t come naturally. Why not consider adding live chat support to your website? Dealing with your customers’ questions in real-time and advising them – on the spot – how to properly use your product, works for any business!

Live chat support adds a human factor to your customer service. Addressing customer issues and solving them instantly while engaging in real-time with your audience, will open the dialogue with your customers. Don’t wait to start a live chat support with your business. Let’s take a look at the numerous benefits.

Why a live chat program will work for your business

First of all, think about how you’d look for support whenever a questions pops up about a product or service. You find yourself looking on the website for contact details or support articles, taking away precious time and often you don’t even find the answer there.

Luckily, live chat is all about ‘convenience‘. The availability of help and the speed at which this is delivered, are key focus points when it comes to customer service. Live chat ticks all of these boxes for you.

Secondly, live chat helps you stand out from competition. According to a 2013 study by Marketing Power, consumers will be three times more likely to buy your products if they personally interacted with your company through live chat. The effectiveness is high, as it adds much value to the experience (potential) customers have with your business.

Lastly, a long-term relationship with customers is what any business strives for. Live chat shows your customers that your company really cares about their input and happiness. Once a customer feels their opinion is valued, he will feel a stronger connection with your company.

Engagor’s live chat works wonders

Only a few weeks after Engagor was founded, we integrated a live chat. Ever since, the positive feedback has reinforced our belief in the importance of real-time customer support.

The ability to ask small questions at the moment they pop up, the real-time responses from our support ninjas and the guidance in how to use the Engagor tool, all contribute to a satisfactory customer experience. It really works for our business and we’re convinced it will be a success in numerous other industries as well.

Via: The Next Web