Why Text Analytics Matter in Social Media Management

By: Kate Zimmerman

June 27, 2017

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Clarabridge has long been known as a leader in text analytics. With the acquisition of Clarabridge Engage (formerly Engagor) two years ago, we immediately began the process of integrating a powerful text analytics engine with a best-in-class social customer service tool. Together, we give companies a deeper understanding of their customers on social media and other interactive websites, empowering them to deliver a better customer experience.

So, how does text analytics for social customer service work? And why does it matter for your business and your customers?

Tagging and Routing

Text analytics provides meaning to your social media posts throughout their entire lifecycle. As posts are collected, the Clarabridge text analytics engine analyzes them, tagging them to provide actionable context. Our category models are industry-specific so that you’re getting insight out of the box.

For example, a telecommunications company could easily tag mentions by business model – mobile, phone, and television. They can also identify when mentions are asking questions and understand when they are compliments or complaints. These tags can then be routed into smart folders where specific agents are monitoring. So, if you have an agent that specifically covers mobile questions during business hours on the West coast, all applicable mentions would filter into their smart folder for management.


Text analytics also provide insights into your brand and your social media presence after you’ve closed the loop with them. They can help your brand track performance and sentiment over time. Is your increased emphasis on social customer service actually working? Text analytics and sentiment analysis can help measure this, looking at trends within specific topics and overall sentiment changes, which will hopefully be steering more positive.

Text analytics can also provide insights into areas for improvements. If you’re seeing a huge uptick in questions on Twitter following a new product release, are you prepared to better communicate more details around the product and how it will affect your customers?

Want to see how text analytics can work for your business? Request a demo today! While you’re at it, check out our eBook, the Truth About Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis

Kate Zimmerman is a Product Marketer at Clarabridge. She focuses on building content that supports CX efforts, product marketing, analyst relations, and has become an industry expert in Customer Experience Management. Kate holds a B.A in Politics from the University of Virginia and can be found on Twitter at @kmzimm.