Why Your Social Customer Care And Marketing Team Should Become Best Friends

By: Sofie De Beule

November 12, 2015

In its early days, social media was mostly led by the marketing team because social was still a means for one-way communication. In recent years, with the rise of social customer care, it’s the customer who is completely in control of the conversation; they decide when, where, and how they reach out to your brand. That’s why the social customer care team is mostly in charge of managing social profiles.

Unfortunately, that shift in responsibilities caused the social customer care and marketing team to start working in silos. Instead of becoming best friends, they are growing further and further apart.

The Lack of Right Information Creates Gap Between Customer Care & Marketing

Let’s take a common example of how both teams work in silos.

When marketing launches a killer campaign announcing a new product that manages to capture the attention of the community, your customers will immediately start talking about it on social. Oftentimes, people reach out via social to ask campaign-related questions. New topics rise and the social customer care team doesn’t always have the proper knowledge to respond meaningfully, and more importantly, reply in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, the marketing team is eager to collect feedback about the campaign through social to see if it resonates with the community and how people are talking about the new product. It’s the lack of right information and communication that causes both teams to fail from fully achieving their goals.

Take Your Time to Establish Common Goals

It doesn’t matter who takes the initiative. Simply say, “We really need to talk!” to set the ball rolling. Sit down and host a meeting with each other. You’ll actually be surprised by how many goals you have in common. Determine how you can help each other and take some time to really listen to each other’s wants and needs.

Once you’ve had that first, initial conversation to open up about your concerns, keep the conversation going and talk numbers. Find out which analytics you should report on to each other and exchange thoughts. Settle on a date to host monthly meetings (yes, meet at least once a month!). Have a look at all your activities on a yearly basis. What are the busiest periods throughout the year and month? How can the social customer care team prepare for more marketing-related questions?

Keep this in mind: it might be easier for your marketing team to respond to marketing-related questions. If that’s part of your engagement strategy, make sure your customer care agents can easily route messages to your marketing team.

Now Here Comes the Hardest Part: Creating A Customer Experience Together

Once the social customer care and marketing teams are attuned to each other, it’s time to start focussing on the big picture. This is actually the hardest part: being able to deliver one consistent customer experience. On social, you need to engage in real-time and deliver on a fast response. To do so, you need to work together closely and empower each other. Take the opportunity to determine what your brand wants to be known for, and work together towards translating your value in a joint effort. Establish one, consistent tone of voice and don’t be afraid to try new things.