Win-Win-Win Scenarios: Service Partnerships with Clarabridge

Win-Win-Win Scenarios: Service Partnerships with Clarabridge

By: Clarabridge Team

June 30, 2021

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Clarabridge collaborates with partners to accomplish more and execute on mutually beneficial outcomes. Collaboration primarily takes one of two forms: service partnerships and technology partnerships. In this blog post, we detail the former and common activities that take place.

Service partnerships combine the power of Clarabridge technology with services partners’ (systems integrators, consultancies, advisories, etc.) expertise. Leveraging Clarabridge’s cutting-edge text analytics, advisories better equip their clients to improve customer experience and optimize business processes, creating scenarios where our partners win, their clients win, and Clarabridge wins. 

A Case Study in Successful Partnerships 

When a major Systems Integrator’s (SI) client faced evolving customer expectations, a pressing need for digital transformation, and an increased competitor presence — executive leadership realized that an overhaul of their existing customer experience (CX) strategy was needed in response. The SI held the industry expertise and understanding of their client’s needs but needed a proficient AI analysis tool to drive meaningful change in the business. Partnering with Clarabridge gave their client the ability to derive actionable insights across contact center calls/chats and survey feedback and respond to various customer demographic groups, digital pain points, and competitor offerings. Everyone realized value for a win/win/win: The SI profited from expanded service offerings, the client’s CX business matured from SI’s consultation and Clarabridge technology, and Clarabridge helped the client drive measurable ROI through technology adoption.

Strategic partnerships, such as the above, take place as service integrator (SI’s), advisory, and management consulting firms look to co-sell with Clarabridge. Partners leverage Clarabridge to offer their customers an expanded suite of services and benefit from the additional FTE support sold. Service partnerships assist along three avenues: (1) strategic advisory support, (2) implementation projects, and (3) recurring transformational projects. 

(1) Strategic Advisory Support: Successful client CEM programs begin with thorough preparation. Strategic advisory support occurs prior to implementation, as partners work with their client teams to diagnose and assess the current state of their CX programs. Common activities here include identifying organizations’ key priorities, mapping customer journeys, and establishing success frameworks.   

(2) Implementation Projects & Managed Services: Deep field expertise strengthens the Clarabridge solution. Implementation is the setup of a client’s data within Clarabridge’s platformPairing partners understanding of client customer journeys and key priorities of the aforementioned stage with our best-in-class text analytics, clients receive a product that is better informed in its design and tailored for more actionable reporting  

(3) Recurring Transformational Projects: Direct presence in the clients’ business accelerates optimization and change. Recurring transformational projects are where service partners bring Clarabridge-derived insights to life, guiding their clients from awareness to action. Entering a cycle of continuous process improvement, clients are coached to reach their highest potential and partners realize recurring revenue from the ongoing engagement.   

Together, All We Do is Win-Win-Win 

Win-win-win scenarios materialize as partners gain from Clarabridge’s solution, clients gain from partners’ advisory, and Clarabridge benefits from the introduction of new clientsProvided strategic advisory support, implementation guidance, and advising through change management, CEM programs are well supported through their improvement journey from end-to-endJoin our growing Clarabridge Partner Ecosystem and win-win-win with us here.