With Clarabridge 6.2, No Conversation Is Left Behind

By: Clarabridge Team

April 29, 2014

By: Fabrice Martin, VP of Product Management


I am very proud to announce today the launch of Clarabridge 6.2. This release brings to market a solid set of enhancements across our products that will help Customer Experience Management (CEM) professionals maximize the value they get from customer feedback data by making it actionable faster. But before I dive into the details of 6.2, let me give you a little bit of context for this release.

Just like with any other transformative period in history, the Age of the Customer is causing major disruption at all levels of society. Specifically for business, this means that in many cases companies have lost control over the flow of information and their customers are likely to have MORE information from a growing number of sources about their brands, products and services than the companies themselves. Most importantly, this is a trend that is not likely to revert any time soon. If anything it will only accelerate…

Just like every one of us has lived this phenomenon at a personal level, Clarabridge customers are also experiencing this shift. Where a few years ago a simple survey might have been considered a reasonable approach to CEM now it is simply unthinkable. In many cases our customers are now listening to 25 or more sources and have plans to continue expanding their listening posts. Just consider this statistic: in any typical day for Twitter, a company that did not even exist ten years ago, more than 500 million Tweets cross their network. Those are hundreds of millions of conversations about every imaginable topic – including brands, products, and services – happening every single day. How can CEM practitioners make sense of all those conversations and ensure they are not missing out on key insights?

That brings us back to Clarabridge 6.2: the simultaneous challenges of having to analyze and understand larger volumes of data, more frequently, and from an ever-expanding number of sources are precisely what we focused on for this new release. A couple of examples of how we achieve this:

– In 6.2 we completely re-vamped the way data – structured and unstructured – is loaded into the platform and processed, effectively enabling users to analyze customer feedback data as it becomes available, in a more efficient manner and at larger scales.

– Clarabridge 6.2 also introduces features such as Category-Derived Attributes and Context Awareness that will make it easier and faster for analysts to find insights in the data, whether it consists of individual feedback records or threaded conversations.

As there are many more enhancements in 6.2, I invite you to read more about this release here. We would also be delighted if you join us for the Clarabridge 6.2 webinar on Thursday May 15th at 1pm ET/ 10am PT, during the session we will cover and demonstrate all the new features in the release. Feel free to leave your comments and feedback here. We look forward to hearing from you!