You Already have Social Media Strategists and They’re Working for Free

By: The Clarabridge Team

October 10, 2017

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Maybe you already have a social media dream team. Perhaps you’re looking to build one. Either way, your team is a lot bigger than you probably think. You have team members all over the world that are responsible for how your brand is perceived online. But, who are all of these mysterious colleagues, you ask?

The Data Gatherer

They’re the prospective customer surveying everyone else online about your brand. They’re gathering thoughts, experiences, perspectives and competitive intel. They’re getting answers about what makes the other company better than yours straight from the consumer’s mouth. Gathering insights within mere minutes, compared to the days it takes your “real team” to synthesize their limited information.

The Whistleblower

Your whistleblower is the unsatisfied customer that has tried their hardest to resolve their issue with you before taking things online. They’ve decided that they’ll hit you where it really hurts – in your wallet. They’re responding to prospects with their experiences and recommending that the prospect give their business to another company. They’re giving real-time updates of how your agents are handling their issue – and encouraging others to do the same. If they’re really good, they happen to be influencers in your industry – and can turn one lost customer into thousands.

The Evangelist

If your company has a solid social engagement strategy, then you’ll have a lot of social media strategists that are both customers and prospects advocating for your company. They’re the ones sharing great experiences with other customers and prospects. They’re taking it upon themselves to film instructional content for other users, and answering questions when asked. These people tend to be trusted because they aren’t paid, and provide customer context. That way, the prospective customer feels confident in the purchase they are going to make. They’ve increased their confidence in the product and in the experience they’re expecting to have.

I bet by now you’re wondering how you can have more evangelists on your team. By implementing transparency, consistency in voice and tone, and customer support into your social engagement strategy. By using the right social listening tools, you’ll be able to understand the types of conversations people are having about your brand, even when you’re not tagged. This way, you’ll be able to identify what the Data Gatherer, Whistleblower, and Evangelist are discussing and craft engagement strategies conducive to those conversations. Are you ready to meet your new team members? Start by taking our Clarabridge Engage Engagement Grader and see how well your team is really doing.


Denasia Pinkard, the Content Marketing Manager at Clarabridge, is responsible for the production of all content from concept to execution. With over 10 years of writing and editorial experience, her specialty lies in communicating the value of seamless customer experiences. She has a BA from Morgan State in Telecommunications, and an MA from UMUC in International Marketing Management. Follow Denasia.