Your 4 Most Pressing CEM Questions Answered

By: Clarabridge Team

November 10, 2015

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There’s no one better to help answer your Customer Experience Management (CEM) questions than the veterans and professionals who are building CEM programs at their own companies. During C3 Europe, our CX event held in London last month, we hosted an interactive audience discussion session, where our event attendees had the opportunity to ask and discuss their CEM questions with each other.

Below is a sampling of the questions attendees asked during the event, along with the answers that your CEM peers provided:

1) How do you move beyond survey in order to understand the entire customer journey?

  • We’ve created a customer journey map to help us identify the additional feedback channels to prioritize.
  • We’ve been working on this for seven years, and we started by doing touchpoint analysis. It was very disjointed; we didn’t understand what happened before and after that isolated event and how it impacted the overall journey. To help, we started to look at our digital channels and understanding the digital customer experience. We are also starting to focus on employee feedback in order to act from the outside in.

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2) What are some best practices for social engagement?

  • We focus on honoring the customer’s channel of choice. For example, if a customer contacts us via social media, we reply on social as well, even if the issue has been escalated to another team or department.
  • We make it a point to listen and interact directly with our customers. For instance, if we see an Instagram post, we repost it and talk directly to the user. User content always gets great response. If there’s a negative post, we engage very quickly and with the right tone.
  • We find people use Twitter and Facebook more to vent frustrations rather than to express satisfaction. We try to turn around and resolve customer issues as soon as possible. We have a conversation to understand what’s driving the issue and engage in a very quick manner, prioritizing personalized engagement.

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3) If your business operates globally, should your CEM program be run centrally or by local managers?

  • A central team should be set up to oversee and manage the global program, set guidelines and best practices, educate local teams on CEM, and act as a resource center.
  • Give your local managers templates on how to respond and engage with customers via different channels, set up guidelines on what tone to use. Train your team members to be empathetic and to sound human when they speak with customers.
  • Establish workflows and set up approval processes before posts get published on social media.

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4) What is your strategy to find meaning in your data?

  • We review all our data on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to look for high-level trends. On a daily basis, we send out reports with the top customer feedback trends for our company. Each department is alerted of the trends.
  • We try to make it as efficient as possible to send out timely dashboards. As soon as any metric or score on the dashboard changes, we do a deep dive to find out the root cause and to act on it.

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These are just a few of the many questions we discussed during C3 Europe. What are your top CEM questions? Tweet them to us at @Clarabridge to get them answered!