Your CX Efforts Are Failing. Here’s How to Make Them Work

By: Susan Ganeshan

August 31, 2017

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Ok, did that drastic title scare you into reading this blog post? Good, I wanted to grab your attention. But, before you think things are too bleak, let’s level set. Maybe ‘failing’ was a strong word but here is the truth: Your CEM Program is only as good as how far you distribute the VOC data.

So, admit it, are you a data hoarder? Do you create report after report, visual after visual and never share it beyond your customer experience management (CEM) team? That’s a total shame because most customer experience teams are small, one or two or sometimes three people. But, you are a huge company, with hundreds and possibly thousands of employees who interact with the customer Every. Single. Day.

I have advice for you: Stop hoarding. Start sharing.

Don’t be worried about the follow-on questions or the facts behind the data. The beauty about CX data is that it is the voice of the customer, it’s the real deal, it’s unabridged, it’s now. Tomorrow it may change but today people are talking about your products, your services, and your employees, and you can’t fix problems if you don’t know about them.  So, I implore you, since information is power, power your distributed team. Push the voice of the customer data out to them.

As one CX Champion said to me, “Our philosophy is to put the data in the hands of the people who know what to do with it.”

What will happen when people have data?  Well, if product design teams have data, they will fix the design flaw that customers complain about. If marketers have customer feedback data, they will clarify their next marketing campaign. If service staff have customer feedback data they will embrace and engage with customers in a way that drives long-term loyalty.

At Clarabridge, we’ve decided to make this easier than ever. Take advantage of our Clarabridge Engage Free Trial to see how your team can respond, resolve and engage in one place.

So, while your CX program may not be outright failing, it could be MUCH more effective. Let us help you get there!


Susan Ganeshan is Clarabridge’s Chief Marketing Officer. Under Susan’s leadership, Clarabridge Marketing produces insightful, educational content that enables business leaders to deliver on the promise of best-in-class customer experience. Follow Susan on Twitter @sganeshan.