Take Your Telesales to the Next Level

Telesales agents often have the first personal interaction with a potential customer, so ensuring that experience is a positive one can set you up for a lifetime of loyalty.  But how do you give reps the tools and information they need to focus on the right activities (at the right time) and be successful?

Answer: Use analytics to understand the HOW, WHAT, and WHY

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• How can I get better visibility into what my telesales teams are doing?
• How can I track performance and impact over time?
• How can I increase sales/revenue and reduce churn?
• How can I share information across teams?



• What key activities impact sales goals (or other key KPIs)?
• What are top telesales reps doing differently?
• What should I be training my reps on?
• What opportunities exist for inbound vs. outbound sales?


• Why is revenue decreasing (or why isn’t it decreasing)?
• What is preventing or hindering conversion?
• Why are customers churning/cancelling?
• Why am I not seeing the results I want?

Success Stories

Skyrocket Sales Conversion

What macro trends can be identified in agent behaviors or product presentation that will lead to a higher conversion rate?

Success Story: Agents saying “Let me make sure and check” led to 40.6% higher enrollment rate.

Increase Retention and Save Effectiveness

What approaches and/or parts of a script are the most important to a successful outcome?

Success Story: Removed sampling bias by identifying trends on 100% of calls loaded to increase retention by 19%. They also identified their top drivers of churn to be Appointment on Time and Quality of Care to prioritize action.

Amplify Agent Coaching

How can I quickly identify opportunities to coach individual agents to become more effective?

Success Story:  A top healthcare customer found that the top 10 telesales agents determine eligibility and establish needs simultaneously, before asking about a prescription or provider.

Automate Call Flow Compliance

How do I reduce manual scoring of calls and improve enrollment, script, and regulatory compliance monitoring?

Success Story:  A top healthcare customer scored 100% of interactions to find that agents properly establish needs on 42.9% of enrollment calls, but only 26.5% on non-enrollments.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

What aspect of our internal tools are blocking agents from completing their intended activity or causing frustration?

Success Story: A top retail client increased calls reviewed by 2245% and reduced time spent searching for calls by 90% to identify knowledge gaps and create more effective training and resources.

Understand What Drives Success

How can I compare successful and unsuccessful calls while also understanding what more successful agents approach their role compared to others?

Success Story: Found that reps are 9% more effective if they “build rapport” by asking about a possible customer’s week or weekend vs. just asking how a customer is doing or discussing the weather.

The Clarabridge Difference

Use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) filters to understand when certain activities happen.
Use enrichments to see how those activities impact success rate.
Use Intelligent Scoring to score 100% of interactions and coach more effectively.
Use AI-augmented technology to repurpose your workforce to focus on higher value-add tasks.

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