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Aramex Transforms its Social Media Channels into a Social Customer Service Powerhouse with CX Social.

ABOUT ARAMEX: Based in Dubai, UAE, is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. It offers a wide range of specialized services including International and Domestic Express, Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, e-Commerce and Record Management Services throughout its network spanning over 350 locations across 60 countries.

THE PROBLEM: As Aramex’s customer base grew, the Customer Service team started seeing their social data volumes triple year over year. The team was unable to efficiently provide social customer care at such a large scale. They needed a more powerful tool to oversee their social engagement program. They wanted a tool that was integrated across the most popular Social Media platforms, and that would act as a one-stop solution for social engagement, team collaboration, and reporting capabilities.

WHY CLARABRIDGE: As social data volumes tripled year over year, Aramex needed a way to efficiently provide social customer service at a very large scale.




Aramex has cultivated a strategic six-step process for handling social media engagement. The company answers all questions and inquiries, both those directed at them (such as a post left on their Facebook page), as well as those just indirectly mentioning them (for example, if someone talks about Aramex to a friend on Twitter).


One of the biggest challenges that many companies face with social engagement is that it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed by having to sift through large volumes of spam, unrelated, or non-actionable social comments. For Aramex, this is no longer a problem. With the help of Engagor, Aramex is able to automatically prioritize customer mentions through notifications, filters, and folders. This increases the team’s productivity and effectiveness. It gives the team better visibility into how customers think and engage with the Aramex brand globally. The Aramex teams can also easily collaborate across departments, breaking down silos and improving customer response and handling times.