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With Clarabridge, B/E Aerospace’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) program evolved from manual data processing to fully automated sentiment and text analytics. The VoC team can now analyze 1500% more customer feedback data each month.

Industry: Manufacturing

B/E Aerospace is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft interior products, designing and manufacturing aircraft passenger seating for the Worldwide Commercial Seating Market. Their customer base includes some of the world’s leading airlines, such as Emirates Airlines, Air France, British Airways, and United Airlines.

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B/E Aerospace

B/E Aerospace needed a way to analyze 2 million log pages of customer feedback per month.

B/E Aerospace started a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to improve product performance, durability and maintenance by understanding how their products fared during flights. The initial team had 7 members who manually sorted through customer feedback logs.

With the increasing influx of customer feedback data– 2 million log pages of customer feedback data each month– the team became overwhelmed and could only process 0.5% of the available data.



B/E Aerospace turned to Clarabridge’s sentiment and text analytics solution to manage the large volume of customer feedback logs in a systematic fashion. By shifting from manual processing to more robust analytics, the VoC team was able to move from reactive to proactive in responding to customer issues, setting themselves apart as leaders in the marketplace. They gained the ability to proactively identify, manage and dissipate emerging issues before they grow out of control.


B/E Aerospace increased the amount of data analyzed monthly by 1500%. Using the insights they were able to gain, they improved brand reputation and inspired product innovation, creating a much more satisfied and loyal customer base.