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As the leading practitioner of NPS® within their industry, Rackspace needed a data-driven approach to understanding customer sentiment.

ABOUT RACKSPACE: Rackspace is the #1 managed cloud company. Its technical expertise and Fanatical Support  allow companies to tap the power of the cloud without the pain of hiring experts in dozens of complex technologies.

Rackspace has built its company culture around customer service in an industry that was famous for having none. The company’s founders, desperate to differentiate from big, entrenched competitors, decided to do something crazy—offer a level of service so over the top in helping customers, they’d either succeed or die trying.

THE PROBLEM: As the leading practitioner of NPS within their industry, Rackspace needed a data-driven approach to understanding customer sentiment.

THE CLARABRIDGE SOLUTION: With a culture built around “fanatical” customer support, Rackspace uses Clarabridge analytics to drive its NPS program.




They branded their kind of service ‘Fanatical Support.’ They had about 10 employees. Today they have 6,000 employees worldwide, 300,000 happy customers and about $2 billion in revenue. Their competitors are gone. The investment bankers who told them helping customers was a bad model, are gone–while Fanatical Support only gets stronger. As the industry’s leading practitioner of NPS it’s all about creating experiences that earn a 10 out of 10.



Rackspace takes a decentralized approach to customer experience, because they believe that all departments within the company are responsible for maintaining a positive NPS®.

Their customer loyalty team has realized the paradoxical nature of NPS®, that what is intended to be a simple metric is often made complex by the massive amounts of data that companies collect. The team has built a program based on 3 pillars: show patterns, identify priorities, and report progress- the goal? Manage NPS back to simple.

Using the Clarabridge customer intelligence platform, the managed cloud company is able to pinpoint exactly which issues are impacting customer satisfaction. With a culture that is built around “Fanatical Customer Support” it’s critical for everyone at Rackspace to understand how they are contributing to the overall mission. Clarabridge insights enable to the company to measure the impact that each team is having on customer satisfaction and NPS®.


Having the ability to analyze large volumes of free-form text, Rackspace is now only asking two questions on their surveys as opposed to 15. The company is seeing higher completion rates due to the shortened surveys and they are getting more value out of the two questions than they were the 15.

In terms of NPS®, Rackspace has been able to maintain their strong position, despite all of the transitions and changes occurring in the cloud computing market. With growing customer expectations over the past two years, such as the ability to reduce cost by 30% by hosting applications in the cloud, Rackspace has maintained industry leading loyalty scores and established itself as the leader for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Read more about Rackspace’s program in Forbes.

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