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Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn needed a way to spot service issues before they could become a negative online review.

ABOUT RED ROOF INN: Red Roof Inn was founded by Jim Trueman in 1972 with the goal of providing guests with a clean, comfortable room at an affordable price. That recipe has been a huge success. Red Roof has 345 inns in 36 states, employs over 6,000 people and serves millions of guests each year.

Today, 81% of guests use online recommendations and social media sites to choose their hotel. Unhappy guests are not only more likely choose another hotel next time, but they are often inclined to share their opinion on online review sites like TripAdvisor.

THE PROBLEM: Red Roof Inn needed a way to understand the guest experience and spot service issues before they could become a negative online review. They had to turn guest feedback into immediate action that would change potential disappointments into opportunities for a positive experience.

THE CLARABRIDGE SOLUTION: Red Roof Inn improved online review scores by 6% in just over a year by gathering and analyzing guest feedback back in real-time– a metric far above the industry average.




Red Roof Inn chose Clarabridge to provide a platform for real-time service improvement. A key component was real-time, continuous connection to guest feedback. With this solution, the hotel is able to instantly direct issues to the right people to fix problems identified by guests. Red Roof Inn can now determine exactly where an issue exists, calculate potential costs in lost revenue, and track success when a change is made.


By engaging customers sooner, learning about service issues, and proactively fixing problems, Red Roof Inn was able to increase customer satisfaction. Their efforts have had an impact – Red Roof Inn’s online review scores dramatically outpaced the industry, improving by nearly 6 percentage points in just 5 quarters while competitor’s scores remained mostly flat.