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The Symphony Post Acute Network improved the patient experience by improving their survey program and employee accountability.

Industry: Healthcare

The Symphony Post Acute Network is a family-focused grouping of member facilities with specialties in nursing, rehabilitation, long-term and memory care, working in collaboration with local physicians, nurses and social workers to meet patients’ needs and offer them a consistently high level of care.

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Symphony Post Acute Network

Symphony needed to understand the patient experience and increase referrals.

The Symphony Post Acute Network relies on referrals for 90% of its business, so the organization must ensure that every patient has a great experience. Symphony’s existing customer feedback program did not provide the insight they needed. Its traditional clipboard survey and phone interviews proved to be inaccurate. The system allowed for bias, because caregivers were responsible for administering surveys. In addition, not every patient was invited to provide feedback.

It often took up to 30 days for Symphony Member Facilities to get back feedback results, making it impossible to resolve customer problems prior to discharge. Even worse, it allowed unsatisfied patients to go home and share negative experiences with family, friends, and other doctors. Finally, the data produced lacked actionable insight to improve operations or procedures.



Symphony needed a customer feedback platform to help understand the patient experience and increase referrals. Symphony chose Clarabridge for its unique capabilities, such as on-line data collection, role-based dashboards, and case management.


Clarabridge provided consistent measurement of patient satisfaction and allowed staff to track their impact. Low scores and reported problems triggered alerts that immediately routed tasks to appropriate departments, and assigned staff to respond and resolve issues. The Clarabridge platform also monitored how quickly employees responded to and resolved issues. Role-based dashboards and closed loop reporting allowed Symphony consultants to benchmark progress, identify training opportunities and ultimately ensure employees embodied the new creed.