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Welk Resorts needed to analyze and track guest survey feedback in order to design new guest experience programs

Industry: Hospitality

Welk Resorts’ Innovative Guest Experience Program Wins Awards and Customer Satisfaction

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Welk Resort Group is a developer and operator of luxury resorts and timeshares in the United States and Mexico.

Upon hiring a new Chief Fun Officer, Welk Resorts wanted to increase guest satisfaction through innovative experience and engagement programs. They also wanted to analyze and track
guest survey feedback in order to prioritize efforts and design new guest experience initiatives.



Using Clarabridge Survey, Welk has put in place a structure that effectively challenges the business to deliver a consistently higher level of service to its guests. As part of their Chief Fun Officer’s newly launched INSPIRED FOR YOU campaign, Welk uses the Clarabridge solution to analyze guest survey feedback, make proactive decisions about guest experience programs, and to guide employee engagement and interaction with guests.


Welk Resorts has responded to the voice of their customers by delivering an innovative guest experience program and fine-tuning its hospitality offerings. As a result, all Welk resorts
have maintained a 4 to 5 star rating on TripAdvisor throughout 2015. Its INSPIRED FOR YOU guest experience campaign is currently nominated for two ARDA timeshare industry awards as well.