April 6, 2010 00:00 AM

Clarabridge, Inc., the leading provider of text analytics software implemented by many Fortune 1000 companies to improve customer experience management (CEM), today announced the general availability of Clarabridge® Self Service after a beta period which involved nearly 200 analysts and researchers. Feedback from these beta users is driving a series of usability, reporting and other enhancements to be rolled out over the summer and fall.

Clarabridge has reinvented text analytics to significantly reduce the burden smaller organizations face in processing text-based data. The software incorporates Natural Language Processing (NLP), Classification and Sentiment Analysis engines to enable small organizations, individual departments and market research firms, to upload and analyze text-based emails, open-ended comments from surveys, transcripts, social media content, and any other textual data sources via a fully self-service online portal.

“As providers of the mTAB survey analysis software, we manage thousands of survey projects a year and the majority of these projects incorporate open ended survey responses,” said Brad Hontz, president at Productive Access Incorporated. “Our participation in the Clarabridge beta program quickly convinced me of the power and utility embedded in the Clarabridge Self Service software and of the benefits that the self service program could offer our Fortune 1000 customers. With Clarabridge, we uploaded our survey results, incorporated the standard classification templates to build our models and easily developed value added data to incorporate into our mTAB deliverable. Clarabridge can immediately take us from text to insight with little to no burden on my team.”

The Clarabridge Self Service offering enables:

  • Automatic linguistic “reading” of text and ad-hoc searching and filtration;
  • Categorization of the text at detailed sub-document, sentence, and clause levels;
  • Identification of varying levels of positive and negative sentiments and what they relate to;
  • Analysis of root cause, emerging issues, and trends, and;
  • Capability to drill down to the original text to understand any areas of interest.

“The feedback and input from our beta community has been invaluable into making Clarabridge Self Service an overwhelming success,” said Justin Langseth, president and CTO of Clarabridge, Inc. “Adoption has ranged from marketing consultancies to financial institutions from across the United States to all over the globe.”

Pricing and Availability:

Clarabridge Self Service is available immediately through Clarabridge. Pricing starts at 15 cents per verbatim. For more information, please visit The program includes up to 1,000 free verbatims per month.

About Clarabridge

Clarabridge is the leading provider of text mining software for customer experience management. Clarabridge provides Global 1000 enterprises an analytical view of text-based verbatims found in voice of the customer feedback channels such as call center notes, qualitative survey feedback, Web 2.0 content, online forums, social media sites, reviews, and customer warranty forms. As a result, businesses can improve marketing, product/service management and customer service delivery. Clarabridge customers include AOL, B/E Aerospace, Capital One, Choice Hotels, Expedia, Gaylord Hotels, H&R Block, Intuit, Marriott International, QVC, Inc., Sage North America, United Airlines, Walmart, Walgreens, and Wendys International. Clarabridge is privately held with headquarters in Reston, Va. For more information, visit

About Productive Access Incorporated (PAI):

PAI is a leading provider of survey analysis services. PAI’s flagship mTAB service has been used by the world’s leading consumer product and service firms for more than 20 years.   PAI is privately held with headquarters in Yorba Linda, CA. For more information, visit