Clarabridge Changes the Game with Voice Transcription and Advanced Analytics for Contact Centers

April 4, 2017 00:00 AM

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RESTON, Va.—April 4th, 2017—Clarabridge, Inc., the leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions for the world’s top brands, today announced CX Contact Center, a full-service solution for analyzing Voice of the Customer data in the contact center. Designed for rapid time to value, CX Contact Center allows companies to quickly and accurately transcribe, aggregate and analyze customer recordings and interaction data in the contact center; delivering clear, actionable insights. CX Contact Center integrates voice data with chat logs, agent notes, emails, social interactions and CRM data, providing organizations with a comprehensive solution that ensures they won’t miss out on valuable opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Recent Clarabridge research found that a mere 15% of customers feel completely satisfied by their last call center interaction. In a time when one bad interaction can mean losing customers to a competitor, brands can no longer afford to not prioritize customer experience in the contact center. Clarabridge’s CX Contact Center solution helps improve KPIs such as first contact resolution and call deflection, and detect and prevent compliance issues and churn. Contact centers also have the opportunity to leverage Clarabridge’s new Quick Sight program, a low-cost, 2-week assessment that gives customers access to a dashboard of insights gleaned from analyzing up to 5,000 hours of call recordings transcribed by Clarabridge. Insights from CX Contact Center help organizations implement and deliver a higher quality, more personalized customer experience, eliminating pain points and allowing both agents and customers to engage in more meaningful and satisfactory communication.

For years, Clarabridge has helped its customers, including Verizon, American Family Insurance and Check Into Cash revolutionize their contact center strategies and drive dramatic savings in contact center operations. Leveraging this experience, Clarabridge has built the all-inclusive CX Contact Center solution to fit the needs of any industry, empowering brands to deliver superior customer service. Features available in the new solution include:

  • Superior voice-to-text transcription: Hardware-accelerated speech-to-text transcription is ten times faster and more accurate than software-based solutions. CX Contact Center transcribes the entirety of each customer call, ensuring that the interactions between agents and customers are accurately understood. Where most legacy transcription solutions only sample some of the recordings and then provide 60% accuracy in transcription, CX Contact Center can transcribe 100% of the calls and achieve 90% accuracy in near real-time. As a result, Voice of the Customer data can be used with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Industry-specific categorization and sentiment analysis: High quality transcriptions are processed using the CEM industry’s leading text analytics engine. Built-in topic models quickly categorize conversations into topics at the phrase level and analyze sentiment across an 11-point scale. Accuracy and precision are necessary for understanding how customers really feel about products, services and agent attitudes at an aggregate level beyond just looking at voice pitch and intonation.
  • Omni-channel listening capabilities: Out-of-the box connectors aggregate call transcriptions, agent notes and chat logs, emails, complaint files, surveys and social media channels so that brands are getting a complete view of the customer experience, thereby enabling confident strategic decisions.
  • Interactive dashboards for CX teams and contact center leaders: Advanced dashboard capabilities allow users to analyze customer interactions, segment by customer attributes and drill into friction points in the customer journey. Brands can uncover why customers choose certain support channels and save money by identifying ways to deflect calls to lower-cost and self-service channels.


“Contact centers provide a wealth of rich customer data that most companies aren’t equipped to properly leverage,” said Julie Miller, VP of Product Marketing at Clarabridge. “Contact center interactions are more than just a band-aid solution for fixing one-off problems. Clarabridge works with brands to properly harness these customer interactions, learning about the customers’ needs at a deep level and acting to improve service quality, create greater customer loyalty and ultimately save money in contact center operations.”
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