Powerful Insights to Drive Experience Transformation

Your customers and employees tell you every day what they want and need. Are you listening? From millions of interactions, Clarabridge surfaces the big ideas, emerging trends, the riskiest interactions, and the promising opportunities. We deliver timely insights to the right people and systems empowered to act fast, measure results and continuously improve customer, employee, brand, and product experiences.

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Conversations Processed
& Counting


Pre-Built Industry Models
& Use Cases


Interaction & Feedback Sources
(voice, chat, social, surveys, etc.)


Global Customers
Transforming Experiences



AI-Powered Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Get a deep understanding of your customers and employees by evaluating the actual words they use—expressed in calls, emails, surveys, and more. Our industry-leading speech and text analytics engine analyzes all feedback and conversations at scale to reveal topics, perception of effort, emotion, empathy, sentiment, and intent.

Pre-Built & Configurable
Topic Models
Whether you are in banking, retail, or health insurance, we automatically organize the key topics of conversations so you know what’s top of mind for customers and employees.

blue thumbs up iconEffort Scoring & Driver Analysis
Discover barriers that impact ease of doing business or job efficiency. We automatically score people’s perceptions of effort and analyze the root cause of issues and outcomes.

blue smile face iconEmotion & Empathy
Build stronger connections and emotional intelligence. We use machine learning to assess over 50+ emotions and evaluate empathy in every interaction.

Reason & Intent
A cry for help, a suggestion, brand praise: unleash the power of natural language understanding to answer the “why” behind customer and employee outreach.


Clarabridge Studio

Find Answers, Make Better Decisions

Clarabridge Studio combines the power of advanced business intelligence and analytics with a proven framework for experience managementWe provide easy-to-use tools to aggregate all your experience data and analyze it in one place with highly customizable reporting dashboards, intelligent search capabilities, automated alerts, and more!

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Integrations & Data

Connecting to Everything

From customer support calls to employee surveys to live chat and online reviews, Clarabridge connects to every interaction and feedback source so that you can dig deeper into what people are saying about their customer, employee, product and brand experiences. Leverage over 100+ pre-built connectors to uncover actionable insights from all your data.

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Intelligent Scoring

Supercharge Decision Making

Clarabridge’s patent-pending Intelligent Scoring feature leverages our advanced NLU capabilities to automatically score and evaluate all your customer interactions, across every feedback channel. Create scorecards with your own criteria for any critical aspect affecting experiences or operations, such as compliance, loyalty or churn, sales, health & safety issues, and more!

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Clarabridge Pulse

Act from Anywhere

Always in the know, even on the go. With Clarabridge Pulse, you can view feedback and dashboards, uncover critical issues, and assign or take actions in real time, all from your mobile device. 

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