Clarabridge Engage and Messenger

Clarabridge Engage and Messenger empower businesses to be wherever their customers are, whenever, for whatever they need. Leverage the power of Messenger as Live Chat through Engage to close the digital customer service gap between agent and customer experiences. 

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Why Use Engage and Messenger?

Efficiently Communicate with Customers. Customers expect fast responses. If you’re flipping through tabs or pages for multiple conversations, you can’t be fast. Instead, use the Clarabridge Engage Inbox to communicate with customers in a unified location.  

Use Messenger on Your Business Site for Live Chat. Positively impact customer loyalty by letting customers reach out wherever they are, on any Messenger capable device. Businesses can use Messenger as their website’s own messaging tool and use Engage to respond to those inquiries efficiently.

Increase Survey Responses with NPS and CSAT in Messenger. Increasing response rates is simple: make surveys easy and painless. Determining NPS and CSAT is easy with built-in, quick-to-take surveys in Messenger. Get more responses and learn more about your
customers’ experiences.

Decrease Channel Hopping. Decrease channel hopping by providing customers with digital self-help channels. Engage Flowbots in Messenger enable customers to self-service online and minimize calls into the contact center, saving businesses money. 

Contain Negative Feedback to Private Messages. Limit negative public outbursts that can spur others to churn by directing customers to private messaging channels with EngageTrack social media mentions that indicate problems and ask customers to contact via private messages. 

Use NLU to Understand Your Mentions. Clarabridge’s industry-leading natural language understanding (NLU) detects, streams, and categorizes mentions across social media, review sites, and more. Analyze mention spikes, reasons for contact, topics trends,
and more.

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What can Clarabridge Engage and Messenger Do for Your Business?

Clarabridge Engage is a full-suite digital customer service platform that empowers businesses to respond quickly and directly to customers on any digital channel, including Messenger.  

Read this guide to learn how to get the most out of Messenger to improve customer loyalty and positively affect sales.

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Live Chat vs. Messenger

Live Chat vs Messenger: The Right Call May Be a Message

Live Chat and Messenger both get you in contact with your customers via online messaging. However, their differences lie in how each accomplishes the goal of getting you closer to your customers. Discover which is best for your business with a quick comparison of the two. 

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Clarabridge Engage and Messenger: The Future of Live Chat

Clarabridge Engage and Messenger: The Future of Live Chat

Clarabridge Engage and Messenger put businesses directly in contact with over 1.3 billion global users, including those without a Facebook account! Businesses can utilize and integrate Messenger directly into their websites, without any extra fee. 


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Messenger for Live Chat webinar

Using Clarabridge Engage to Optimize Messenger for Live Chat

Most companies rely on phone calls and web live chat to communicate with customers in real-time, but Engage and Messenger are changing the game. Messenger now offers all the features of Live Chat, but is free of charge and available to non-Facebook users. Learn how in this webinar with Clarabridge’s Dimitri Callens and Messenger’s David Cohen. 

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