Clarabridge Engage and WhatsApp

Clarabridge Engage and WhatsApp enable businesses to interact directly with the billions of global WhatsApp users asynchronously or synchronously. Take advantage of the global reach, IVR to WhatsApp hand-offs, and messaging automations available in WhatsApp with Engage.

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Why Use Engage and WhatsApp?

Foster Customer Loyalty.
Positively impact
 customer loyalty by letting customers reach out across any WhatsApp capable device synchronously or asynchronously. Giving customers more opportunities to reach out in the ways that are most convenient to them can foster customer loyalty and
create return customers

Make Responding to Surveys QuickEasy, and Effective. 
Father of behavioral economics Dr. Richard Thaler said, “if you want to get somebody to do something, make it easy.” Send NPS and CSAT feedback forms directly through WhatsApp and make it easy to respond to surveys, leading to greater response rates.

Optimize the Customer
Care Experience.
Take advantage of IVR to WhatsApp hand-offs to further optimize WhatsApp as a self-help channel. Engage can link customers’ chats to their identifiable information, so agents can see previous contact reasons and address problems effectively, saving time and money. 

Enhance Customers' Digital Experiences with WhatsApp Messaging

Achieve a Global Reach with Engage and WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messaging is the world’s most popular messaging app with a global reach of 2 billion users. Clarabridge Engage enables businesses to take advantage of the surging number of customers who look to WhatsApp to interact with businesses. Respond directly to customers exactly where they ask for answer—whenever, on whichever device they use—with Engage and WhatsApp.

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Clarabridge Engage & WhatsApp – A Step By Step Guide 

Learn how Clarabridge Engage empowers brands to communicate directly with customers, quickly respond to issues and enhance the overall customer experience via any digital customer service channel, including WhatsApp for Business messaging. 

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Five Steps to Get Your Business Ready for Customer Care Through WhatsApp

Customer support via messaging is a win-win for consumers and brands. Learn how to put the right strategy in place with Engage and WhatsApp. Learn more in this eBook! 

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