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CXpert Series

Season 2

Clarabridge CXpert Series

We are excited to deliver Season 2 of our Clarabridge CXpert Series, featuring our exclusive Fall 2020 Product Release and packed with a multitude of sessions showcasing new functionalities and product enhancements.

Available now, Season 2 consists of eight informative videos that explore topics such as how to maximize contact center insights, automated narratives, emotion and empathy in CX, and much more. Register now for access to all of the sessions available in Season 2 below.

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A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned: Introducing Automated Narratives

Join this session to hear how Clarabridge can help by automatically generating post-interaction summaries for every conversation.

Speaker: Ellen Loeshelle

Duration: 11 minutes

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The Art of Perception: Emotion & Empathy in CX

Join this session to learn how to use the range of emotions detected by Clarabridge, measure intensity, and evaluate empathy.

Speaker: Caroline Kinsella

Duration: 23 minutes

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Did You Print the Directions: A CX Atlas at Your Fingertips

Join us for a session introducing two powerful, intuitive visualizations to help you chart a course through your conversations.

Speaker: Milan Gamble

Duration: 10 minutes

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Insights for All: Accessible Dashboard Design Tips

Join us for this session showcasing our accessibility features, as well as a refresher on thoughtful dashboard design.

Speaker: Lauren Sciacca

Duration: 16 minutes

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Friends Lift Each Other Up: Partnering for Success

Check out this session on Engage, our digital care product, which will cover the myriad benefits our strong partnerships with market leaders such as Twitter and Facebook bring to our customers.

Speaker: Dimitri Callens

Duration: 15 minutes

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Taming the Machine: Maximizing Contact Center Insight with Clarabridge

Join this session to learn some tips and tricks for uncovering insights and measuring success in the contact center with Clarabridge.

Speaker: Andrew Kern

Duration: 24 minutes

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Quality In, Quality Out: Role of Audio Quality in Contact Center Analytics

Join this session for the keys to unlocking value for your contact center and CX teams by combining automatic speech recognition and Clarabridge analytics.

Speaker: Fred Richards

Duration: 26 minutes

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