February 23, 2007 00:00 AM

Clarabridge, Inc., a text mining software company, was named today as one of the “100 Companies that Matter In Knowledge Management” for 2007 by KMWorld Magazine.

Clarabridge provides quick-to-implement, simple-to-use software solutions that enable companies for the first time to analyze unstructured information (such as comments and complaints from web, blogs and call-center notes) alongside structured transactional information. This enables enterprises to more quickly and precisely detect customer needs, issues and opportunities and, ultimately, better serve their own customers. Clarabridge’s Content Mining Platform™ (CMP) solution works seamlessly with an enterprise’s deployed business intelligence (BI) tools and demands no additional training of a customer’s business users.

KMWorld compiles the “100 Companies That Matter In Knowledge Management” list from recommendations given by colleagues, KM practitioners, theorists, analysts, vendors and their customers. 2007 marks the 7th appearance of the list.

“If there is a single trait shared by the companies listed below, it is their determination to treat their entire constituency chain, from top to bottom, with respect and without hubris. Clearly, attitude alone doesn’t warrant inclusion on the list, attitude must be accompanied by elegance in the design and implementation of their software.” said Hugh McKellar, KMWorld’s Editor-in-Chief.

Historically, implementing text mining solutions required the complex integration of point natural language processing (NLP), database, data integration, and reporting technologies, which made it cumbersome and time consuming to address business needs. Clarabridge has developed the first application that combines text sourcing, categorization, NLP, data integration, and analysis capabilities into a single integrated platform designed specifically for the business customer.

The list is comprised of over 1,500 companies that have helped create, enhance or define a market, and they all share a remarkable capacity for agile, customer-driven innovation. The listing is a way to recognize the organizations leading the way in the knowledge economy.

“Clarabridge has continuously exceeded market expectations and we are appreciative of KMWorld for their gracious recognition of our efforts,” said Justin Langseth, President and CTO of Clarabridge, “We are proud of our accomplishments in the application of text mining for business users.”

About Clarabridge

Clarabridge is the leading provider of sentiment and text analytics software for customer experience management. Clarabridge provides Global 1000 enterprises with universal views of their customers through automatic collection, classification, sentiment analysis, and reporting on text-based verbatims found in voice of the customer feedback channels. The result is improved marketing, product/service offerings, operations and customer service. Clarabridge customers include AOL, B/E Aerospace, Capital One, Choice Hotels, Expedia, Gaylord Hotels, H&R Block, Intuit, Marriott International, Nissan, QVC, Inc., Sage North America, United Airlines, Walmart, Walgreens, and Wendys International. Clarabridge is privately held with headquarters in Reston, Va. For more information, visit