Transform Your Contact Center

Clarabridge offers a superior cloud-based platform for contact center analytics and automated quality and compliance management. We capture and analyze 100% of the human and bot interactions occurring within your contact center every day, using the actual words of agents and customers to evaluate satisfaction, risk, quality, and opportunities.

How We Drive Measurable Cost Savings

Digital transformation is changing the way customers interact with companies, directly impacting customer experience and satisfaction. As you modernize your contact center, it is critical to understand and measure the reaction of customers to automation, self-service, artificial intelligence, and digital experiences. 

Clarabridge Contact Center Analytics delivers customer service automation solutions and insights that can help you save 20% of your operational costs, boost sales and retention, and measure customer response to change.

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Clarabridge offers superior AI-driven analytics to get you the answers you need faster, and at a deeper more actionable level.

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Clarabridge for Contact Centers

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Eliminate Manual Call Dispositioning With Contact Center Analytics

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Interaction Analytics in the Contact Center

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