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Clarabridge Contact Center Analytics

Clarabridge Contact Center Analytics

Clarabridge offers a superior cloud-based platform for contact center analytics and automated quality and compliance management. We capture and analyze 100% of the human and bot interactions occurring within your contact center every day, using the actual words of agents and customers to evaluate satisfaction, risk, quality, and opportunities.

How We Drive Measurable Cost Savings & ROI

Digital transformation is changing the way customers interact with companies, directly impacting customer experience and satisfaction. As you modernize your contact center, it is critical to understand and measure the reaction of customers to automation, self-service, artificial intelligence, and digital experiences. 

Clarabridge Contact Center Analytics delivers customer service automation solutions and insights that can help you save 20% of your operational costs, boost sales and retention, and measure customer response to change.

Automate Post-Call Work (Dispositioning)

Time is money. Clarabridge uses AI to automatically determine, categorize, and report reasons for contact to save precious seconds after every interaction.

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Understand Drivers of CSAT, NPS & Effort

Spend less money on simple survey scores. Clarabridge tells you how to win customer loyalty, increase satisfaction, and minimize effort.

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Automate QM and Risk Monitoring

Manual call listening and spreadsheets are so last century. Evaluate and score 100% of interactions automatically against your own weighted criteria in Clarabridge.

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Optimize IVA & Chatbot Conversations

Better automated interactions can increase customer satisfaction and first contact resolution (FCR) on low cost service channels. Clarabridge analyzes and tunes bot NLU.

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Prioritize Sales

Clarabridge uses customer cues to score interactions based on sales potential and alerts your sales team for swift follow-up.

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Predict &
Prevent Churn

Evaluate the drivers of dissatisfaction or poor agent performance and flag interactions signaling a customer’s propensity to churn.

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Improve Conversion & Retention

Identify and eliminate friction in digital experiences and backend processes by measuring effort across the customer journey.

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Automate Routine Interactions

Assess conversation trends on digital channels to identify patterns. Then set up automated bot workflows in Clarabridge Engage to handle routine requests.

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Clarabridge Forrester Wave AI-Based Text Analytics Leader

Our Secret Sauce? Ask Forrester

Getting actionable insight from massive volumes of customer feedback and interaction data is simply not possible without superior AI-powered text and speech analytics. This year, we were the only vendor included – and recognized as a Leader in both the Forrester Wave™ AI-Based Text Analytics Platforms Q2 2020 and Forrester Wave™ Customer Feedback Management Platform Q1 2020 reports.

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Clarabridge vs. Legacy Speech Analytics

Traditional speech analytics tools offer shallow insights like word clouds and simple emotions. This eBook explains how Clarabridge Natural Language Understanding (NLU) derives superior business intelligence from interactions. Better insights drive better actions that lead to transformational change.

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Clarabridge for the Contact Center — including Intelligent Scoring, Interaction Analytics, and Automated Flowbots — is powered by the Clarabridge Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform, featuring CX Analytics and Engage.

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