COVID-19 Categorization Library

COVID-19 Categorization Template
& Modeling Framework

One of the highest priorities for our clients at the moment is understanding the Coronavirus-related issues their customers are experiencing. Clarabridge created a COVID-19 Categorization Model template to distill the influx of questions and concerns surrounding the pandemic, helping companies prioritize their response plans for the greatest impact. The COVID-19 Model encompasses a library of topics about the Coronavirus that we see people mentioning across industries. As always, our Professional Services team can help you apply the model to your analysis efforts. Simply:

• Speak to your Engagement Manager
• Email the Command Center Team
• Visit the Clarabridge COVID-19 Command Center


COVID-19 Categorization Library: The image displayed above (click to enlarge) illustrates the structure of the COVID-19 Model that can be applied to any unstructured data set to understand and analyze topics of conversation related to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Loading the Clarabridge COVID-19 Model

Create a New Model and use the Categorization Model templates to bring in the COVID-19 Template by selecting “Create new from Industry Standard Model”:

STEP TWO: Select the COVID-19-English Model from the list:


STEP THREE: Run Classification and the model will be loaded and updated with your data: