What is Customer Emotion?

Customer emotion is a measure of how customers feel about their experience with a company.

The dynamics behind customer emotion are surprisingly complex. The increasing importance of customer emotion in customer experience can be summed up by appropriating an old quote: “customers may not remember what the quality of your product was, but they will always remember how their customer experience made them feel.” Those feelings can be the difference between good, and great, results for a business.

This is because customer emotions inspire decisions. Contemporary research has continued to demonstrate that a customer’s emotions are the best indicators of not just individual purchases, but of likelihood to continue on the customer journey, and inspire others to take that journey, as well.

In one study, customers with an emotional connection spent twice as much as customers who were merely satisfied with the product. Businesses need to understand how emotion plays into both individual decisions, and the customer’s long range journey. Determining these will help you figure out how to make customer emotion a key part of a customer experience strategy.

Understanding your customers’ emotional engagement with your brand can help lead to loyal customers that are more likely to nurture a lucrative relationship with a brand.

How can Clarabridge Help you Identify Customers’ emotions?

Clarabridge enables you to gauge customer emotion with the click of a button. Clarabridge’s text analytics engine, powered by a proprietary natural language understanding (NLU) engine, have Basic and Advanced emotions models that will categorize your customer feedback by emotional keywords and phrases. This will empower you to search and analyze trends within your customer feedback for emotions like love, happiness, sadness, disgust, or surprise, and others.

This kind of insight can help you tailor your products or services to go together with how you want to make your customers feel. Or it can help you make adjustments or improvements to get ahead of any potential problems in reaction to the emotions your customers express. If they’re confused, you can develop more training or help materials; if they’re frustrated, identify ways to decrease their effort and make things easier.

Clarabridge can help you listen, analyze, and act on the root causes of customer emotions, so you can cultivate the right customer experience.

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