What is Customer Journey Analytics?

Customer Journey Analytics is the process of understanding the impact of every interaction a customer has with your business.

Often this starts with a customer journey map, which is presented as a graph, flow chart, or other visual that documents each stage of the relationship between a customer and a brand. Often journey maps are documented at the process level. For example, an insurance provider would map the claims process, and a bank would document the new account process. A good journey map also captures customer analytics along the journey. Journey analytics include: customer needs, emotional highs and lows, and key metrics per step in the journey.

Some common components of customer journey maps include:

• The process being evaluated
• The stages of the journey
• Critical interactions and touch points
• Representative customer quotes
• Key customer expectations
• Metrics like satisfaction score, mention volume, NPS
• Trends in topics related to this part of the journey

Why do Customer Journey Analytics?

Understanding the customer journey allows your company to be more customer-centric. It allows you to closely evaluate the activities, expectations, thoughts, and feelings of your customers. You learn what they like and dislike, how to move them through your buying cycle, and how to satisfy and retain them. When journey mapping is complemented with journey analytics it helps you understand the priority for your customer experience initiatives.

In addition, with the right focus, customer journey mapping breaks down internal silos. It empowers you to streamline services across departments. And, it helps align everyone by providing a common understanding of the customer experience. Employees get greater visibility into what happens upstream and downstream of their interactions with customers, letting everybody provide a more consistent, high-quality experience.

Clarabridge Customer Journey Analytics Support

Clarabridge allows you to capture, analyze, and use data at each touchpoint along the customer journey. Clarabridge provides journey analytics that are literally in the voice of the customer, giving deep insight into how, when, and why customers interact with you, and what they need from you most.

Clarabridge offers customer journey mapping consulting, and our SaaS-based solution gives you all the detailed analytics you need to make real headway on improving the customer journey. This process doesn’t take long. We’ve developed templates and best practices that ensure that you are using the data already available in your business. And because we’ve done this with hundreds of businesses, we know where to start for fast progress.

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