What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of computer science that deals with applying linguistic and statistical algorithms to text in order to extract meaning in a way that is very similar to how the human brain understands language.

Why is Natural Language Processing important?

About 95% of customer data is found in the form of unstructured text – in emails, survey write-in answers, Twitter posts, online reviews, comments in forums, and more.

Reading through all of this text is next to impossible: assuming that the average person can process 50 items of unstructured data an hour, it would take nearly seven years for one person to read through one million items.

To put this in perspective, Verizon is analyzing 700,000 post-call surveys per month with Clarabridge Speech, and that’s only one of their data sources. So how do you understand and learn from all of this feedback?

Natural Language Processing automates the reading of text using sophisticated algorithms. Fast, consistent, and programmable, NLP engines identify words and grammar to find meaning in large amounts of text.

What makes Clarabridge NLP different?

Clarabridge has developed a proprietary NLP engine that uses both linguistic and statistical algorithms. This hybrid framework makes it straightforward to use without extensive understanding of statistics, comprehensive domain knowledge, or linguistic expertise.

The NLP Clarabridge methodology exhibits a high degree of accuracy when parsing and interpreting the linguistic and semantic information in text. It uses a six-step, workflow-like process to identify and understand phrases, grammar, and the relationships among words in a way that is comparable to the way people assign meaning to things that they read.

When paired with Clarabridge’s sentiment analysis techniques, Clarabridge Natural Language Processing powers the most accurate, sophisticated text analytics solution available.

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