What is Social Customer Service?

Social Customer Service is the act of providing customer support through social media channels.

Many companies now use social media to augment their call-based customer support activities. These include addressing complaints, answering questions, providing guidance and even issuing refunds via social channels.

Social customer service may be part of marketing, because of the nature of social media. Or, more and more, the function may be part of the call center team’s responsibilities. In organizations with an active online customer base, social customer service provides an affordable alternative to other forms of customer service. The call center team can be easily trained to support customers via social channels. Specialized workflows, training and software are readily available to them to resolve customer issues efficiently.

Why should you provide Social Customer Service?

Customers expect answers to their customer service questions when they ask them on social media. 80% of millennials prefer to use social media for customer service over web, phone or online chat, and use among other demographics is growing. Social customer care is no longer an optional initiative for companies who want to satisfy their customers—it’s an imperative.

Companies also benefit from providing social customer service from an operational perspective. The average call into a call center costs an organization around $6. A social customer service interaction averages $1. And social customer service agents can enhance a brand’s reputation and even catch wind of potential issues by engaging with customers online.

In addition, progressive organizations use social channels to provide customer service proactively. They reach out to customers to resolve issues before complaints start. This can be an important competitive differentiator and encourages elevated customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Clarabridge for Social Customer Service

Clarabridge empowers social customer service teams. The Clarabridge Engage platform provides all the functionality that is required to keep a social customer service team running smoothly, regardless of how large or distributed the team might be.

The product helps customer service agents to monitor all social media mentions of your brand, even if you aren’t tagged directly. It even recognizes your brand in images. Automatic filters recognize certain topics and direct the conversation to the right expert within your company to handle the issue. You can maintain service level agreements and ensure your team has everything it needs to be successful with your social care initiatives with Clarabridge Engage.

Clarabridge Engage also helps you manage your team. It monitors response times to make sure you honor your response SLAs. It helps you identify peaks in response volume so that you can staff appropriately. It even flags inappropriate replies so you can keep your agents’ conversations on brand.

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