What is Social Media Analytics?

Social Media Analytics is the process of examining data about social conversations to understand and use it.

Social media analytics includes tracking conversations and measuring campaigns. It also involves figuring out how your social activities are influencing your business results. Brands that are best at customer experience often combine social analytics with customer commentary (Voice of the Customer) from surveys, ratings and review sites, call center agent notes, and other customer feedback to get a complete picture of the customer experience.

Companies that are serious about customer experience use data from social media analytics tools. The insights help them make operational changes and guide their business decisions and strategy.

Why do you need Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics goes beyond counting likes and shares. Even counting replies, comments and link clicks isn’t enough. Although these are important KPIs, deep social media analysis shows you why certain Facebook posts get a lot of engagement, or what people keep Tweeting at you about. It tells you which products are pictured on Instagram more often than others. It is a glimpse into how your customers actually feel about your company, products and services. From there, you can then craft marketing messages, fix product issues or address customer concerns. It is not just about the numbers, but rather what’s driving those numbers.

And, because social channels are increasingly being used for customer service, social media analytics has become vital for measuring how well you are serving your customers (social customer service). You can examine response times, resolution rates or even the “tone of voice” your customer care agents are using over social.

This information allows you to spot trends and make predictions that inform your overall strategy.

Clarabridge for Social Media Analytics

Clarabridge Engage, Clarabridge’s social media engagement platform, provides advanced social media analytics. In addition to tracking volume of mentions and other forms of engagement, Clarabridge Engage gives users access to industry-leading text analytics. Clarabridge Engage looks at everything written about you on social so that the topics and the root causes of all social conversations are revealed.

Clarabridge Engage also provides you the ability to understand your global audience. You’ll know where they are talking, what they are saying and how you can and should react to their voice.

Marketers use Clarabridge Engage to monitor campaign performance and attribute spikes in customer social mentions to areas of your business. You can even understand the emotions customers express when they share your content. You can review the social interactions between customers and your staff. And, you can also tie social campaign performance to your business results.

Call center leaders use Clarabridge Engage to monitor how well the team is handling questions posted on social media channels.

No matter your role in the organization, to build a good customer-focused strategy, you first need to understand your customers. Clarabridge Engage gives you the social media analytics to do just that.

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