What is Customer Satisfaction Survey Analysis?

Customer Satisfaction Surveys measure how happy customers are with a company’s products and services. Survey analysis provides companies with feedback about everything from products to the buying process to support. Most organizations combine this powerful data with other forms of customer feedback to create actionable intelligence about the entire customer journey.

Why is Survey Analysis important?

To understand the true Voice of the Customer, you must ask the right questions, informed by what you already know about each customer’s experiences. Next, you need to accurately interpret the customer feedback, using both structured statistical feedback and open-ended feedback, to inform your actions.

Best-in-class businesses survey their customers regularly and allow customers to voice their experiences in their own words. Multiple-choice surveys measure only the areas that the business determines are important. With free-form surveys, companies can uncover what is important to their customers.

How does Clarabridge provide Survey Data Analysis?

Clarabridge is the only enterprise CEM platform that combines dynamic enterprise feedback management capabilities with the world’s most advanced text analytics engine. This survey data analysis drives confident cross-organization action and provides evidence-based improvements to the overall customer experience.

To help you ask the right questions, Clarabridge uses dynamic surveys to customize questions in real-time, based on the context of customer interactions and the responses they’ve offered. This data is combined with reporting and action, bringing together collaboration, customer engagement, and case management into one solution.

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The Cure for the Survey Fatigue Epidemic

Customers are sick of frequent, long, irrelevant customer surveys—but you still need customer feedback and satisfaction data. What’s the solution?

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