Voice of the Customer

According to a recent report, 81% of consumers are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience and the less they have to interact with the healthcare system, the happier they are overall. Now more than ever, healthcare providers are faced with numerous challenges due to rising costs, evolving customer expectation and complex health and technology ecosystems. In order to overcome these challenges and create sustainable industry-wide improvements, providers must work to decrease patient effort, increase use of natural language processing in their contact centers and empower patients care decisions with their own data.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • 3 major trends for the future of the healthcare industry
  • How an industry-wide digital transformation is creating efficiencies and empowering patients
  • Where to begin your customer experience innovation and how to get started


Featured Speaker:

Blake Morgan
Leader in Customer Experience

Blake Morgan is a keynote speaker and customer experience futurist and author of two books on customer experience – “The Customer Of The Future: 10 Guiding Principles For Winning Tomorrow’s Business” and “More is More: How The Best Companies Work Harder And Go Farther To Create Knock Your Socks Off Customer Experiences.” She has worked with Comcast, Allstate, Genentech, Accor Hotels, Accenture, Adobe, Cisco, Parker Hannifin, Ericsson, Verizon, and more. Blake is a guest lecturer at Columbia University, the University of California, San Diego as well as adjunct faculty at the Rutgers executive education MBA program. Blake contributes to Forbes, the Harvard Business Review and Hemispheres Magazine. She is the host of The Modern Customer Podcast, The Be Your Own Boss Podcast, and a weekly customer experience video series on YouTube.


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