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It's simple—customers want to be heard. This universal truth spans all markets and all industries. By listening and acting on customer feedback, your business will thrive.

Health Insurance

Clarabridge helps health insurance companies listen to and interpret member feedback across interaction channels, understand key drivers of satisfaction across customer segments, benchmark against competitors and act to transform the member experience.

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Banking and Financial Services

The Clarabridge Banking Solution is packed with industry expertise, relevant KPIs and industry models, and pre-packaged dashboards to help banks and financial institutions discover omni-channel, actionable insights relevant to numerous cross-functions.

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* Temkin Group Insight Report: ”ROI of Customer Experience, 2016


For Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies, success comes when you can drive growth and shape demand through brand strength, product innovation, and consumer loyalty.

Because retailers and distributors are a critical part of this equation, it can be difficult to pinpoint why a particular product is under performing or exceeding expectations. That’s where customer feedback comes in.

By listening to customer feedback, you learn what you need to know so you can deliver a steady stream of products that meet consumer needs.

Hospitality & Travel

In the hospitality industry your reputation is everything. A good reputation drives bookings – and understanding guest feedback is the key to creating great experiences that build reputation.

That’s hard because feedback is everywhere – review sites, social media, comment cards, satisfaction surveys, and more. You need to understand what your guests are saying on every channel to make sure they keep coming back.

Once you have this feedback, the ability to quickly take action is critical. The faster you can resolve guest issues through a defined process, the more you can decrease operational costs and ensure that future guests don’t encounter the same problems.


Customers are interacting with you across many different channels—in-store, online, on social media, through the contact center, and many other ways.

Most businesses operate in silos and are therefore unable to truly understand the complete customer experience. While customers may love shopping in your stores, a shipment delay or failure from a website purchase could turn them off from doing business with you altogether.

The only way to have a complete, 360-degree understanding of customer loyalty is to analyze feedback from all touchpoints in aggregate.

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Technology consumers are tough. They expect your products to not only work, but to delight them. How can you be sure that you are giving them what they want?

You need to have a thorough view of customer requirements, a reliable way to hear about problems as soon as possible, and a process in place to engage with customers so they know you’ve taken care of their issues.


The battle to win and retain customers is fierce in your industry. You’re likely investing billions of dollars in infrastructure and services to build an attractive offering.

How do you know if these investments are yielding the desired results? Only when you understand what customers are truly looking for in a telecom services provider can you deliver packages and offerings that attract and retain customers.

The good news is that your customers are vocal about their needs and wants, so the key is to simply understand their feedback.