Clarabridge Knows Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Healthcare payers are undergoing a seismic shift in how they attract and retain members. Improving overall customer experience (CX) and engagement creates loyalty, reduces churn and boosts plan ratings and reviews.

CX leaders in the health insurance industry, like UnitedHealthcare, are listening to member feedback and using this to change marketing tactics, identify cost-saving opportunities, transform customer service models and accelerate product innovation.


Create Loyalty, Prevent Churn

Identify and remedy common questions and issues affecting customer satisfaction and sentiment by analyzing feedback across all communication channels your members use.

Optimize Care Costs and Improve Outcomes

Build relationships and engage with members to influence their care decisions, from choosing appropriate plans and care facilities to helping them maximize their healthcare dollars.

Benchmark and Monitor Competition

Prioritize improvement efforts by focusing on those that will have the greatest impact relative to the market.

Lower Administration Costs

Identify friction points across the customer journey and design self-service options for members to resolve routine tasks themselves and find information about plan terms and claims status without calling your service center.

Let us show you how easy it is to start analyzing member feedback and transforming the customer experience.