Smash silos and

create unified customer culture.

Customer insights for everyone

Whatever role you play within your business, you likely impact customer experience. The decisions you make about product, marketing, operations, call center, or even internal processes contribute to a customer's single perception of your brand.

executive pesona

Make confident, strategic decisions about product, marketing and operations that increase revenue and decrease risk. Reduce attrition by improving the aspects of your business that matter most to customers.

With Clarabridge:

  • Identify corporate priorities by amplifying what your customers want and need.
  • Increase revenue through improved customer satisfaction and retention.
marketing persona

Take the guesswork out of marketing and deliver campaigns that produce killer ROI. A data-driven approach to understanding brand perception will give you the feedback you need to optimize your investments.

With Clarabridge:

  • Drive customer-focused marketing campaigns and budgeting
  • Manage your brand reputation, especially in times of crisis
call center persona

Identify efficiencies across all support channels (call center, online chat, social, email and self-service) that lead to improved satisfaction and decreased operating costs.

With Clarabridge:

  • Highlight common pain points and trends among customers
  • Identify training needs and initiatives to improve customer satisfaction scores
operations manager persona

Get a handle on your operational performance from your customers’ point of view.

With Clarabridge:

  • Visualize local, regional, and brand-wide performance
  • Manage customer engagement and issue resolution
persona customer insight

Empower all areas of your business to make improvements that drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Deliver real-time, actionable insights that pinpoint opportunities for cost savings and increased revenue.

With Clarabridge:

  • Lead company-wide customer experience initiatives that result in improved customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Identify crises, alert stakeholders, and coordinate issue resolution