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Clarabridge CX Analytics


CX Analytics is the backbone of the world’s most complex Customer Experience Management Programs, providing the industry’s most accurate Natural Language Processing (NLP), sentiment and data categorization, making issues transparent—and next steps clear.


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CX Analytics

Other companies have text analytics as an add on to their one-source solution. However, the customer experience goes beyond survey. At the click of a button, we pull insights pull from all sources, both prompted and unprompted, to give you a peek into the entire customer journey.

We enrich feedback with behavioral and demographic data from other business systems so you can slice and dice to really understand various customer segments.

Collect and interpret feedback from review sites like TripAdvisor, Bazaarvoice, Reevoo, and so many more for insight into customer preferences, concerns, and sentiments.

Identify topics, track issues, and route actionable items to the right people by analyzing internal chat and collaboration content from sources including Salesforce Chatter, Jive, or LivePerson.

Listen, combine, and analyze survey responses to deliver insights across your enterprise from all sources including Clarabridge CX Survey, OpinionLab, ForeSee, Qualtrics, or any survey platform.

Discover customer insights and feedback from blogs, forums, and user communities.

Automatically transcribe call recordings and IVR surveys to text and ensure you capture tone and emotion behind every interaction.

Use customer emails for key insights, trends, and sentiment about brands, products, and services to improve agent performance and operational effectiveness.

Analyze agent notes, employee feedback, and other call center sources including Salesforce.com to improve efficiency and provide agent coaching.

Analyze, Measure, and Correlate

We pair customer feedback with structured data, such as customer demographics and buying history, and analyze them together. This shows what is driving feedback volume, sentiment, or satisfaction across various customer segments. Connect these drivers to performance metrics so you can measure customer experience management program progress over time, benchmark against peers, and discover trends.

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Smart filtering, routing, and front-line response capabilities empower teams to quickly acknowledge and engage with the customer as a person, transform negative feedback, amplify positive feedback, and influence the conversation.

Rapid Time to Value

Designed for ease of use, emotion and industry categorization models make sharing data across your company a breeze.

Why Text Analytics Matter

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