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“Listen to our customers and do what they need, not what they ask.”

“Start with the easy-to-deliver evidence before building detailed cases.”

“Educate all levels within the organization on how to interpret CX insights.”

“Don’t let your execs tell you what is most important, ask your customers.”

— Kerry S, Home Retail Group

“If you focus on the qualitative the quantitative will follow!”

“Treat every customer interaction for what it really is—one human being dealing with another human being.”

— Emily W, Virgin Active UK

“Listen to your customers.
Feel what they feel.”

— Noureen T, Unilever

“Recognize and own up to your failings…Be honest, work with the customer.
Build back trust. Be Patient!”

— Expedia

“Consider each piece of negative feedback as an opportunity to improve yourself or your business.”

— Julie W, Stepstone Belgium & The Netherlands

“Customers expect exceptional customer service. Don’t just provide service that is “good for a bank” or “good for telecom”, be the best you can be.”

— Katie C, Accenture

“Recognizing a bad experience is the first step to creating a good one.”

— Michael D, City of Antwerp

“Make sure your team cares about helping people, not just ticking boxes.”

— Nathalie D, Gent

“Anticipate the customers future needs.”

— Louisa G, Investec

Respond. Improve.”

— Alex S, FIFA

“Celebrate CX success and report on progress.”

— Nele A, EDF Luminus

“For the best social experience, integrate all your conversations through one dedicated team or department.”

— Michael D, City of Antwerp

“Know why you collect data before you start collecting it.”

“Honesty is the best policy, don’t lie to your customer, but sugarcoat if necessary.”

“Push customer feedback to the right department & empower them to improve.”

— Vanda N, Air France

“If you want great cx you need to deliver a great employee experience.”

— Craig M, Consort

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